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The YouAid Foundation (YAF) aims to provide free online communication services and web based solutions to assist civil society organisations, NGOs, and aid agencies in advocacy and fundraising. We strive to support their efforts to raise funds, promote their activities, and connect with local and global audiences. We believe that free and effective use of human centred information and communication technology (ICT) leads to empowerment and inclusion of global civil society. Online communication technology gives people powerful tools both to make a change, and to experience change. We believe that through Digital Philanthropy and Digital Activism, every individual can contribute to making a meaningful impact.


YouAid+ (BETA) is a prototype of our non-profit start-up dedicated to assist NGOs in promoting their actions, and raising funds for their projects and campaigns. The platform also helps organisations to communicate their activities to both local and global audiences. YouAid+ is a new, wider and multidimensional approach to online aid and advocacy. The final version of YouAid+ will be launched in 2016. 







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